Sailor Jerry - Reversible Harness, Collar & Leash Set

Sailor Jerry - Reversible Harness, Collar & Leash Set


These bundles include:


  • Reversible harness (M, L, or XL)
  • Dual sided leash with neoprene handle
  • Neoprene lined collar


Please see our size guide for a perfect fit


Reversible Harness Size Guide

New Weight Chart.png

Please use the measurement chart first and the weight chart as a secondary guide



Neck Measurement - Measure the neck as you would for a collar, remembering you don’t want it too tight, so allow a little extra room.

Chest Measurement - Measure around the body from just behind the front legs around the deepest part of your dog's chest.

To make sure your pooch is comfy please allow room to fit two fingers under both neck and chest measurements. If you are in between sizes we recommend sizing up.